Lets See Dark Auburn Hair Color Ideas for Your New Hair Color

Whether it is bright, dark, bold, or soft, auburn hair color always has a beautiful red accent. Applying the right shade of the auburn color will perfectly complement the skin tone of yours. A light auburn hair color can give such an incredible boost to brunettes. Meanwhile, if your hair has already had a red tone, you can apply the dark auburn hair color to enhance its natural shining auburn tones. The right choice of auburn color will help you to have a good hair day every single day.

What is Auburn Hair?

It is actually how hair experts call a variety of red hair. It looks darker than ginger color, and more reddish than brown color. Its shades also range from light, medium, to dark. Some people with varied eye colors and skin tones are seen to use this kind of color in their hair. However, the auburn hair is mostly found on those who have light skin. The auburn hair will look so beautiful and suitable in the autumn season. Whether you prefer to apply dark auburn hair color or the light one, autumn is the best time for it. With your auburn colored hair, you will look so much gorgeous wearing black coats. The reddish tone of auburn hair will even make your turtleneck sweater or shawl look much better than it actually is.

However, to make sure that you will get the best result, you are suggested to consult a color chart first before choosing the ideal auburn color for your hair. It will be much better if you see how the color will look like in several skin tones through the pictures. It is necessary to take the natural hair color and color, complexion into your account, besides your preferences. If you are not sure about this, you can also seek for the professional help in order to get the hottest, most stylish color for the current season.

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Light Auburn Hair Color

Light auburn hair color is actually a mixture of light brown and golden red. One of the actresses who looks so stunning with this kind of hair color is Emma Stone. This auburn shade will look so beautiful if it is combined with peachy or golden complexion, skin tone, and green, warm brown, and blue eyes.

Medium Auburn Hair Color

The perfect combination of medium brown and medium golden red will result in such a beautiful medium auburn color. This shade of hair color goes well with the porcelain complexion, skin tone and blue eyes. People with warm brown and green eyes do also look beautiful using this medium auburn hair color.

Dark Auburn Hair Color

A unique and beautiful color of dark auburn hair is a combination of rich brown and golden red. This shade is claimed as the most elegant and sophisticated tone of auburn. It strikes the neutral and warm skin tone perfectly. It can go well with those who have peach, cream, golden, or even bisque tone and with various colors of eyes like hazel, warm brown, green, and blue. An actress, which often uses dark auburn hair as her signature is Julianne Moore.

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