Best Semi Permanent Hair Color

If you are a person who is easily bored with a fashion trend including hairstyle, then this is very fitting information for you. Best semi-permanent hair color can be an alternative to your hair color and style that you can change all the time when you feel bored. Lots of brands that offer semi-permanent hair dye products. The price is also very varied and usually cheaper compared with a permanent hair dye that will allow you to change the color and hair style to support your appearance.

In addition, if you are a model or person interested in fashion, it is also important for you to change your hairstyle and hair color with various highlights or ombre to keep up with the latest trends. Who knows if at this time the hair can become a fashion object that is vital enough to support our appearance to be more captivating? Below you will get more information on semi-permanent hair dye that you can use for your hair.

Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color

This is one of the best semi-permanent hair color that is very popular by many people because for those of you who have sensitive hair even can use this hair dye safely and do not cause hair damage. This hair dye can survive for not exposed to water so if you are bored you can directly wash and remove the color with easy.

The colors that are owned by Clairol Natural Instincts are very beautiful and well applied to the hair because it looks natural and the color can blend with the hair. In addition, there is the content of vitamin E, aloe Vera, and also coconut oil that will protect your hair. The way the application is very easy and explained in detail on the packaging, you can apply this in just 10 minutes. Besides these dyes are also without ammonia.

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L’Oreal Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Hair dye from L’Oreal is more durable because it can survive for 6-10 times washed with shampoo. But the price is also relatively affordable and a lot of very gorgeous color choices that you can get. In addition, this is also a phrase for many women because it has 7 bright colors and has 4 colors darker and more elegant. You can get it with a fairly affordable price and this product is very high quality. You can also mix it with a conditioner to keep your hair soft and beautiful.

Lots of people who use this product, even celebrities there are many who like this product because of its ease in application to the hair. In addition you can get a cheaper package if you buy a package that contains several colors at once. You can change your hair color according to the event or your mood.

Based on the above facts, we now know the best semi-permanent hair color that many wanted by women. Both are well-known products that also contain various good vitamins for keratin hair to remain strong and not easily fall out. Are you ready to have new hair styles and colors? Have a try and good luck!

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