Do and Don’t When You Have Black Cherry Hair Color

For you who are still not sure about choosing black cherry hair color – how it will look like or whether or not it will suit you, this article will give some information in regard to the hair dye using black cherry hair color.

Black Cherry Hair Color

Actually, “cherry” color refers to a color between crimson and red. However, hair stylists usually use the term “black cherry” to refer to a darker tone color between crimson and red. It is important to know the exact name of a hair color, since there are so many variations of shades which actually share the similar color.

This darker shade of cherry color is more suitable for you who have darker skin rather than those who have the lighter one. Meanwhile, for those who have medium or tanned skin, which is not so dark, a little bit lighter shade of black cherry will look stunning on you. It will be much better for you to have your hair stylist to help you choose the right color, so that you will not purchase the hair color than you do not even sure about its result. However, in most cases, the black cherry hair color reduces the chance of failing.

Hair color for dark skin

There are some people who have melanin pigments more than normal. This condition will result in a darker skin tone. Women with dark skin can definitely highlight their beauty and boldness by knowing which colors of hair, makeup, and clothing that suit them best. The right choice of color will make them look very attractive.

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It is, indeed, true that compared to women with lighter skin tone, those who have darker skin should be more careful in choosing what to wear, and what color to apply. It is because dark skin does not always go well with any colors, including hair colors. One of some hair colors that is most suitable for them is the black cherry hair color. It can complement their dark skin and enhance the beauty and boldness of their dark skin. To make sure that you will not get a disappointing result, you can apply the following tips.

Dos and don’ts in dyeing

There are some things that you should do and should not do when you are coloring your hair. Those things are:


  1. Consider your skin tone

Taking your skin tone into account is important, since not all colors are suitable for all skin tones.

  1. Understand the formula

You should understand well the difference between the liquid and mousse hair dye. The former one tend to be more condensed, which will result in a more pigmented look. Meanwhile, the later one is more translucent and shining.


  1. Use more than two shades lighter or darker

Never use the shades that are too different from your natural hair color if you are not sure whether or not it will work well. It will be much safer if you go with one or two darker or lighter shades than your natural color, so that you do not need to pay more in order to fix the failure.

  1. Wash your hair prior to the coloring
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Washing your hair right before dyeing it will only increase the risk of irritation, since the scalp that will protect your hair skin is washed away. Therefore, it is suggested to wash your hair at least twenty four hours before you start applying the hair color product.

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