Do You Have Platinum Hair Color? Read This Now!

It seems that platinum colored hair becomes a new trend recently, since it can make you look cool, sharp, and sophisticated. However, most of people do not know that the perfect platinum color requires more efforts and pain. It needs a double process of hair coloring: bleaching and toning. The bleaching process aims to cover all of your hair pigment, while the toning step is done to give color to your hair.

Things to Consider before Getting Platinum Hair Color

  1. It will be best for you to leave the job of dyeing hair into platinum color to a professional. It will be much easier if you have a natural blonde hair, since you do not have to do the bleaching step. However, for you who naturally have dark hair, the possibility of having your hair damage is high.
  2. It takes a long time to color your hair. There are some repetitions of coloring and toning over and over until you get the stunning ice-blonde hair color.
  3. Bleaching the hair will automatically change its natural texture. In some cases, wavy hair can become straighter, since it has lost its elasticity and it has dried out. Meanwhile, the straight hair can become more voluminous.
  4. Platinum dyed hair needs a very high maintenance. You should regularly do taming and conditioning in order to keep the texture and pretty color of your hair. In short, you should do extra time-consuming and expensive effort in order to keep the beauty of your platinum hair and to prevent it change into orange color as the platinum fades.
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The right ways of applying Platinum Hair Color

Since getting a beautiful platinum hair is not a simple task to do, there are some essential things that you should do before and during the hair dyeing.

  1. Maintain your hair well before it gets dyed. You have to take a good care of it by gently brush it, and using hair mask.
  2. See a professional like hair stylist or colorist. Make sure that the color suits your skin tone, since platinum will give a very significant change in your appearance.
  3. Do a color testing by applying the platinum color on to your small section of hair, it can help the colorist to measure how much bleaching and toning your hair will need.
  4. The next step is doing the lifting and bleaching process. It will definitely take a time.
  5. Do the hair bleaching and coloring section-by-section. Your hair should be divided into several sections first before the bleach and platinum hair color is applied.
  6. Be patient and wait until  all of the processes are done perfectly.
  7. After the sixth step is done well, you and your hair stylist will condition your hair in order to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.
  8. Then, toner should also be applied in order to get rid of any brassy yellow strands.
  9. Finally, wash and condition your hair again. You should not wash your hair for three days after these steps are done.

How to maintain it

After applying platinum hair color, you should maintain your hair well by using a color safe shampoo. It will not wash the color away. Besides, you should also use conditioner to neutralize your hair brassiness. Applying hair mask is also important to keep your hair shiny, smooth, and healthy. You can let the product sit for five minutes before rinsing it. The last one is regularly seeing your stylish to do trimming, since over-processed hair tends to have a hair dryness problem.

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