Get your thinning hair treated with hair Transplant surgery

For women, hair loss is a distressing condition which may be evident because of thyroid, iron deficiency, aging and so on. For several people, gradually losing one’s hair can be an awfully distressing experience and the emotions are related from mild frustration to acute misery and this premature thinning of hair can easily destroy one’s self esteem.

Hair transplantation techniques have changed the face of conventional hair treatments. Follicular Units can contain from 2/3 hair grafts to get softer natural hairline in the receding areas on the average scalp and even 6 hair grafts as to give patients maximum density available from the procedures. The count depends on the donor grafts to address the amount of continuing hair loss to have potential good volume of results which is most probably done by no scare technique called follicular unit extraction.

FUE is the most preferable choice which ensures a higher success rate for patients as the resulted scars are less visible without the need for linear incision. A moderate hair loss may involve need of approx. 2000 hair grafts and this number can over 4000. The qualified surgeon with medical team carefully plan for design of hair transplant to ensure natural looking outcome since HT is a delicate process and the design is specific to each patient.

This design known as hairline design establishes the basis for hair restoration process to give the most realistic results for patient’s wishes. The time may take 6 to 10 hours during a single session. It can take one more session to fully combat with hair loss issues.

People are having hair transplants to fix the condition of pattern baldness or known as Androgenetic alopecia or what we called actual bald patches. All just need qualified doctors to perform such sophisticated specialized techniques by spotting the healthiest hairs from donor area.

The transplanted hairs will blended so well to match the characteristics of  transplanted hairs will start to grow your original hair thereby giving you natural growing. Over the next few weeks and you will notice undetectable final full results in the 8 months. After having a hair transplant, you will be astonished how quickly your worries diminish about your hair that this gives you more confidence to cope with challenges and achieve your goals.

The surgical methods are carried out with the advanced hair restoration facilities and equipment. To sum up, a transplant procedure gives a right direction to recover natural appearance. The duration of Hair transplant surgery depends on various factors such number of grafts implanted on recipient area and type of procedure.

Hair roots can be harvested from the donor area of the head or implantation determines the right duration of treatment. Each graft takes 1-4 hair follicles, since few patients takes a treatment due to number of grafts that necessary for recipient region. In contrast, Follicular unit extraction procedure extracts an individual hair unit from the donor area.  Moreover, the duration of transplant surgery depends upon the expert and professional team of transplantation.

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