Go In For Hair Transplant – Get A Girlfriend By Solving Your Balding Issue

Are you concerned about your untimely hair fall? If you feel your looks are adversely affected due to this hair loss issue, then you may start pondering about a hair transplant solution. You do not have to be in a hurry to go under the knife the moment you start noticing strands of hair in your comb. It is advisable under the circumstances to go in for an initial consultation with one of the surgeons in this relevant field.

Ravishing locks

You should develop an understanding about how the hair transplant works. If you had a preconceived notion that the job of such a surgeon is just to place the hair of other people then you are gravely mistaken. You have to keep in mind that hair transplant Punjab is a practical solution for those who are facing hair loss. At the same time, this procedure works effectively even for those who want to go in for an alteration of the hairline.

  • Various techniques

You may be confused about the availability of multiple treatments in the market. It may become a challenging affair for you to make an appropriate choice. The hair transplant process involves the eradication of hair follicles from the legs or face and placing them on the bald regions.

  • Two ways

The follicular hair transplantation procedure can be performed in two ways – strip harvesting and follicular unit extraction. In both processes of hair transplant Punjab the hair is moved from the donor to the recipient site. Though the results attained are the same in both the methods but the surgeries vary.

Strip harvesting

In strip harvesting, the procedure involves the transplantation of hair from the back of the scalp to the balding patches on the scalp. Anesthesia is administered, and then strips are extracted. Follicular unit grafts are planted on the tiny holes made on the scalp. This task needs to be done with caution and is handled by a team of professional healthcare assistants.

Follicular unit extraction

In recent times, follicular unit extraction technique has gained in popularity. Compared to the other methods the residual scars are smaller in this labor-intensive technique. You need to have a talk with the surgeon regarding the years of experience he has and the risks associated. Instead of removing in strips the follicular units are removed individually. It is the surgeon who can choose the grafts for harvesting.

  • Appropriate Age

You should not take resort to these techniques at a very young age. You have to keep in mind that you will not have access to donor hair throughout your entire life. Receiving this treatment at an early age will put you in soup because your donor area cannot provide you with endless donor hair. You can only obtain limited hair otherwise your back will appear scarred.

Decision-making process

Choose the clinic carefully. They should have a professional outlook and make sure that they use the latest equipment for the techniques.

Source: https://human-hair-extensions.org/

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