The Hair Transplant Surgery Hangover

Top and back head sensation along with numbness, tingling and other similar sensation is not uncommon and it is totally normal after hair transplant surgery. And that this will take several weeks, months to resolve on its own.

Transplant hairs often will fall out with crusts as soon as five to eight days after the procedure. So do not panic on these days as the hair shafts. While the hair follicles remain on the scalp. Also most of the remaining transplanted hair will fall within the next week.  As soon as, four months is needed to grow hair from the scalp in the natural way that will continue to grow at the rate of ½ or ¾ a month.

To increase rate of new hair grow you have to use 5% minoxidil (Rogaine foam is often preferred) once or twice daily after the procedure of hair transplantation within the starting week. If minoxidil should cause you reddishness or irritation on the scalp then stop using this for that week or so then resume it again and apply daily. Once the hair start growing continually within 5 months then stop using minoxidil. If you are feeling itching, chest palpitations or lightheadedness then stop using minoxidil totally.

To accelerate healing and potential speed up of hair re growth, many patients utilize low level laser light therapy. And patients can use this therapy after procedure. It is a painless treatment consisting of 30mint session. If you can purchase laser light cap at home, you can start this within 5 days after your procedure or 3 times a week.

Have patience, for the new hair to grow in, as they emerge with scalp then some time it creates problems like pimples on the scalp. If this happens then apply warm soak and antibiotics ointment several times a day for around 3 days. If problem persists then contact your hair transplant surgeon to prescribe you some oral antibiotics.

There are several ways to hide any evidence of the procedure during the first week before the crust hair falls off. You can use a bandana to wear when go for the office, and can wear the hat as soon as the first day after the procedure. If you have some hair the crusts can usually be effective concealed using Toppik, a colored match powder that is sprinkled on to the grafted area. Toppik can be applied after 3rd day of procedure.

Most of the patients have problems of some mild pinkness of the scalp, which usually resolve within in a week. Taking Benadryl 25gm once a day can help recover within a week. Hair coloring can also be done after two weeks of the procedure and hair cut after 10 days.

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