Ways to mislead a Potential Hair Transplant Patient

I want to have a hair transplant market all of sudden the competition in fields of treatment centers and operators are flooding the hair transplant market all of sudden the competition in the field of hair transplant has expanded faster and badly than any time in history. With this increased competition have come unique marketing requirements and even more unique selling propositions. Most clinics in India hire with MBA to Indian market themselves. These employees may not be well in medical practice therefore medical scruples have no meaning.

Hair transplant clinics with trained doctors and trained staff still exist but such clinics are on a steady decline. The only reasons for which a clinic should be judged is whether  clinic is produces good results on a consistent basis and if the clinic maintains hygiene, training staffing. Does the doctor d the surgical part of the procedure himself international standards of hygiene, training and staffing. You have to notice that does the doctor do the surgical part of the procedure himself or does he allow his staff or other technicians to perform the surgery without his presence?

There is a lot of discussion on caring of staff and the experience of the clinic but will be the little show of final and actual results, which is the main thing that matters.  Some clinics prefer this that better than traditional FUE as it allows for follicular units to have a higher survival rate and better consistency. Main trouble with these types of procedures is that they are not FUE at all. There are nothing more than traditional, punch graft surgery. FUE grafts are well over 1 cm in total surface area. There is truly no evidence to suggest that punch grafts are better than the modern state of the art FUE grafts and it is very probably that transaction rates are very high.

A lot of companies and clinics in India have a brilliant way to engage a client by telling them that the grafts  the harvest are simultaneously implant so overall growth is better due to the reduced time out of body. A good technique does not need the patient to be anesthetized. The anesthesia should be strong enough to numb the recipient and donor areas completely and the effect I should not decline for up to ten hours. Harvesting is one of the crucial phases of the FUE procedure. In most countries like India, U.K and U.S.A do not allow any person other than a licensed doctor to make a cut in the skin whether it is with knife or whether with punch.

There are many more mislead patients than I have presented here but these are the methods that have caught my attention of late.

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